Jane Birkin Called. She Wants Her Name Back.

Vintage Hermes bags have become synonymous with one person and one person alone – singer and actress Jane Birkin. Why? As legend tells it, the bag was named after her when she complained to the designer that she couldn’t find a weekend bag big enough to suit her needs – so Hermes made one just for her and the rest is history.

However, Jane has now come out and asked the brand to rename one of the bags that bears her moniker on the basis of its cruel practices of crocodile farming and slaughtering, Sky News reports.

Noting that she has also signed the Mercy For Animals petition – set up by actor Joacquin Phoenix – to remove exotic skins from her wardrobe, Jane said: “I have asked Hermes to rename the Birkin Croco until they adopt better practices that meet international standards for the production of this bag.”

In response, Hermes said an investigation is now ongoing into the practices of the farm they use for the crocodile skins and any contravention of rules will be sanctioned and rectified. The luxury brand added that it imposes the highest ethical standards on the suppliers it uses and carry out monthly checks to ensure their standards are upheld, a practice they’ve been doing for over ten years.

The Birkin bag is one of the most famous handbags in the entire world and one of the most sought after. They can sell for thousands upon thousands of pounds and are favoured by the fashion elite, including Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian.

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