Top Secret Beauty Weapon: Raw Honey

raw honeyIf you love looking good and are always on the hunt around London for vintage Chanel and other key designer pieces, then you’ll definitely want to give this new beauty secret a go. We’ve heard on the grapevine that raw honey is spectacularly good for you so we thought we’d delve a little deeper and let you all in on the secret as well.


Use raw honey to add shine to your luscious locks and soften the strands. It’s great for locking in moisture and will give your hair a beautiful healthy sheen. Just mix some raw honey and coconut oil together, then apply from root to tip and leave for 20 minutes for an intensive and natural hair treatment.


Shaving your legs is a real pain sometimes, especially when you get serious razor burn (we’ve all been there). Ever tried shaving them dry? Definitely don’t do it but if you have done it before, you’ll know what a state your legs are left in a few hours later. Raw honey works perfectly for soothing any irritation so just coat your legs for ten minutes or so then rinse off.


Everyone gets breakouts from time to time – life’s dirty, you gotta roll with it. But with the magic that is raw honey at your disposal, you can at least teach those spots who’s boss in next to no time. We’d recommend dabbing a little bit onto your acne, leaving for 15 minutes and then rinsing off. Trust us, it’s science.

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