Kristen Stewart To Play Coco Chanel

You know how much we love vintage Chanel here at One of a Kind, so imagine our excitement at the news that the one and only Kristen Stewart has agreed to take on the role of our favourite haute couture designer in a short film from Karl Lagerfeld.

The short will feature K-Stew playing the part of an actress playing Coco Chanel, with Geraldine Chaplin – Charlie’s daughter, no less – playing Coco as a middle-aged women directing Kristen in a fictional biopic. Bit confusing but we’re still looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

It’s going to premiere at the 12th annual Metiers d’Arts show on December 1st in Rome so we’ll be hitting up the internet the day after to catch Kristen and Geraldine in action.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Lagerfeld said Kristen plays the role of the actress in the short film “really, really mean. You only see her in tests and she’s complaining about everything. She’s mean with the director, mean with the producer”.

We can’t wait to see how Kristen channels her inner Chanel, but what about the many other actresses who’ve given Coco their best shot? Audrey Tautou was magical in Coco Before Chanel (definitely one of our favourite turns) and Keira Knightley was especially seductive in the series of perfume ads she appeared in as the famed designer.

But who’s your favourite? We’d love to know how you think took on Coco Chanel and came out on top. Plus don’t forget to let us know what you think of Kristen Stewart in the role when December rolls around.

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