Vintage Chanel At The Saatchi Gallery

It’s going to be all about vintage Chanel accessories at the Saatchi Gallery later on this year, with a new free exhibition being put on that will focus on amazing haute couture, including the Bijoux de Diamants collection – the only jewellery that Coco ever created way back in 1932.

According to the Huffington Post, Mademoiselle Prive will be put on over three floors of the gallery, taking place between October 13th and November 1st. It’s going to be open seven days a week so there will be no excuse for not paying it a visit, either.

As well as the jewellery collection, you’ll also be able to see a wide range of designs from Chanel’s original work right through to that by Karl Lagerfeld.

We’re sure it’s going to be a popular event so make sure you put a note in your diary to remind you to go along to the gallery as soon as you can. You don’t want to be swamped by loads of vintage Chanel fashionistas, after all – you need time and space on your own to really appreciate the designs for yourself.

If you can’t wait until October, then why not satisfy your fashionable urges by heading to the National Gallery, where you’ll currently find an exhibition on the style icon that was Audrey Hepburn. We’ve not had time to go yet ourselves so would love to know what you all think of it. Let us know what it’s got going on in the comments box below.

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