Insure Your Vintage Chanel Accessories!

Buying vintage Chanel accessories is a great investment as they’re unlikely to decrease in value over time and as such make great family heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. But what you have to make sure is that your new purchases are properly insured just in case your house is burgled and your beautiful jewellery whisked away.

According to a news report in the Milton Keynes Citizen, a Chanel bracelet and a Tiffany & Co ring were stolen between June 26th and June 28th, with Thames Valley Police now keen to speak to anyone who was on or near Broughton Road in Milton Keynes village during this time.

You need to make sure that your home contents insurance includes your jewellery so that even if they’re stolen, lost or accidentally damaged you’ll at least receive financial compensation – even if the accessories are never recovered.

Different policies will vary and some may not automatically cover jewellery so you need to check to see if you’re protected, especially if you’re a collector of high-value vintage items.

When comparing home insurance policies, you’ll need to estimate the value of the contents in your home. Name any items worth more than £1,000 and say whether you want them to be covered away from home.

Remember that insurers typically apply a single article limit to pieces – the maximum amount they’ll pay for something – and this can differ between insurers. In addition, if you lose part of a matching set of Chanel jewellery, your insurer could potentially only replace the missing part and not the entire set.

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