New Shoe Exhibition At The V&A

It’s all about vintage accessories this month at the V&A in London by way of a new exhibition called Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, the title of which should give you some idea immediately as to what kind of footwear will be on display.

Opening on June 13th and on until January 31st 2016, the exhibition focuses on some serious extremes when it comes to shoes, with around 200 on display from all around the world. Have fun spotting all the different types of footwear – you can check out a pair of gold leaf sandals from ancient Egypt and gasp in admiration at some vintage Christian Dior evening shoes in beaded silk and leather, for example.

There’s also a pair of punched kid leather chopines over carved pine that look absolutely impossible to walk in. And we thought we had it tough strutting our stuff down the high street in our favourite pair of Manolo Blahniks!

And talking of uncomfortable footwear, make sure you stop off to have a look at the Indian wedding padukas in silver and gold, complete with toe knob. If we had to wear them at our wedding, we think we might well cry and they wouldn’t be tears of joy!

“Examples from famous shoe wearers and collectors will be shown alongside a dazzling range of historic shoes, many of which have not been displayed before,” so it says on the V&A website.

If you’re a serious shoe obsessive, make sure you bag yourself a copy of the accompanying exhibition hardback book as well – a snip at £20.

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