Fashion Exhibition: Swimwear

If you want to buy vintage clothes this summer then get some inspiration from the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

The museum has recently announced an extended run of its swimwear exhibition, which shows swimwear through the ages.

Over 100 years of swimwear styles will be on display, with everything from 19th century bodysuits to 21st century mankinis on show.

The exhibition was originally supposed to close at the end of August but will now be open until September, DeMontford University Leicester which curated the exhibition announced.

Visitors to the Riviera Style exhibition have increased footfall at the museum significantly, and the exhibition has renewed interest in small seaside towns and summer holidays of the past.

Fashionista’s should be able to get some inspiration from the exhibition which shows how beach wear evolved into a fashion statement for many women decades ago. Beach pyjamas can be seen, which quickly become a stylish choice for evening wear, allowing women to wear trousers for the first time.

There are a number of  talks taking place on the collection for the more academically minded, at the exhibition, which is taking place in the only museum owned by a further education college in the UK.

The museum is based in Bermondsey in South London, and is accessible to the public year round, with an ever changing display based on the exhibitions that it has on at the time.

There are also a number of talks and short courses held by the museum.


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